It’s Been a While…

It’s been a busy couple of months for me and a while since I’ve blogged!

(Promise I haven’t been ignoring you 😉 )

Since February I’ve had an absolute blast working on identity-themed creative writing workshops with a lovely group of people at Sally Gardens Community Centre in Poleglass, as part of the John Hewitt Society’s Once Alien Here programme.

In March, Women Aloud 2017 was such a highlight; a great day to listen to everyone’s work, thoughts, experiences and ideas. Travelling on the Enterprise to the Irish Writers Centre in Dublin for the WomenXBorders events was some craic too.

A toast before we head home. Image by Tara West.


Around the same time I wrote an article for the Belfast Telegraph on tribalism and the latest election results here in NI. (See above.)

This month, I finished putting issue 12 (!) of The Incubator together and finally Skyped with the Political Science students of Oxford College, Emory University, Atlanta, Georgia. They had read The Bones of It and had some fantastic, thoughtful questions for me.

Thanks a million to Prof. Donald Beaudette for using the text in his seminars!

Today I’m delighted to be the featured writer in Writer’s Block over at The Gloss, where I’m talking to Sophie Grenham about Newtownards, No Alibis bookstore and family. You can read the feature here.

Now I’m going to pour myself a rum and coke – it’s the holidays! Hopefully the cogs will start turning on the next project.


Happy creating!

K x