DI Sloane Series

As featured in the Los Angeles Times and the Irish Times.

Sloane #1 The Sleeping Season

Sloane #2 Problems with Girls

Sloane #3 The Town Red

All About Harry

Whether you have already read a book in the series, or are reading any of the books as a standalone novel, there are a few things you should know about Harry…

Harriet Sloane was born in Belfast in 1979. She grew up in the Malone Road area.

She is the youngest in a family of five children.

Harriet is a twin and a Gemini.

She and her twin sister, Charlotte – or Charly – were born on different days, and in different months.

Her favourite tipple is Merlot.

Harriet is a divorcee who finds romantic relationships to be a bit of a minefield.

Most of the Sloane family work helping people.

Harriet’s mother was a judge and her father, the Chief Constable of the RUC.

Her siblings include an at-home parent/carer, a minister, a social worker and a brother who is struggling with drug addiction.

Holidays for the Sloane kids were spent at the family chalet in Co Fermanagh.

Harriet’s mother is living with Huntington’s disease: a neurodegenerative disease that is most likely inherited.

Harriet is a keen marathon runner and skier.

She is often called Harry by those close to her.

She is highly ambitious and has a strong sense of justice.

She works at Strandtown PSNI station in East Belfast, as a Detective Inspector.

Harriet is a strong person, somewhat thoughtful, she can come across as bolshy.

She lives, at times, by her own rules.

Harriet is a hero, but she is also the victim of a serious crime. Coming to terms with her past doesn’t always go so well.