The Sleeping Season

The DI Sloane Series. Book 1

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Someone going missing is not an event in their life but an indicator of a problem.

Detective Inspector Harriet Sloane is plagued by nightmares while someone from her past watches from a distance. In East Belfast, local four-year-old River, vanishes from his room.

Sloane must put her own demons to bed and find the boy. Before it’s too late.

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‘This is a novel of style and verve, that explores the darkness within relationships and the choices we make to protect those we love. The Sleeping Season is unapologetically feminist.’

Sharon Dempsey

‘A breath of fresh air for the genre. The novel holds a spotlight to difficult societal issues. I’m already a fan of the series.’

James Murphy

‘What I loved most about The Sleeping Season is how much of a feminist anthem it is. I’ll definitely be anxiously waiting as each book releases.’

Amanda Sloan for Geek Herring